LinkedHashMap equivalent for JDK 1.3

Im looking for alternative implementation for LinkedHashMap so that my code will work with JDK 1.3. (LinkedHashMap was introduced in 1.4). do u guys know if there are already made code for this (before i try to roll my own). Does the Trove Collection classes have the equivalent? Thanks!
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zzynxSoftware engineerCommented:
Can't you just copy/paste the code of LinkedHashMap?
iboAuthor Commented:
ive tried that. but it uses protected classes/attributes of HashMap, so i copy-pasted HashMap, then again HashMap requires another protected code from another class, which means i have to copy another class again. I think that would be my last resort if i didnt find any other alternative solution.
ok Use Vector, and for your object to be collected into this vector make sure u have implemented:

 public boolan equals(Object obj)

to be used in:

You can download the Jakarta Commons Collections, and they have a similar class "LinkedMap" which will work with 1.3

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Or you could maintain both a list and a map, something like:

public class ListMap
   List list = new ArrayList();
   Map map =  new HasMap();

   void add(Object key, Object o)
      map.put(key, o);

   Object get(Object key)
      return map.get(key);

   Iterator iterator()
     return list.iterator();

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