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Windows 2000 SMTP

Ok, I will explain as clearly as I can.  I am running a windows 2000 server with the following specs:
CASE: SuperMicro 2 U Rackmount
CD-ROM Drive: 52X max.

I run mail lists for clients, sometimes 5000 per day, sometimes 100,000 per day.  When I first fired up this box it seemed to be running just fine for about 8 days, doing about 250 mails per minute, which I can live with.  On day number 9 it has slowed down to a crawl, maybe 20 per minute.  Would this have something to do with the mail que?  I am not sure where to look.  Also, when I mouse over on the quick start icon on the bottom menu bar, it says millions of packets "sent received". I am really a perl programmer, I am not sure where to look on why this is happening.  I rebooted server, same thing happens. I have Microsoft Exchange running with a mail program called Dynamic Mail Communicator (DMC) which allows me to personalize my clients list.  The specs on the DMC state:
Bandwidth  Data Rate (bits per second)  Emails / hour *
 56K Modem  56 Kbps  3000
 ISDN  128 Kbps 6500
 Cable Modem/ADSL  512 Kbps to 2 Mbps - typically  20,000-100,000
 T1  1.54 Mbps  50,000
 T3  45 Mbps  1,500,000
 So DMC can deliver, so it must be something with SMTP or server since it ran fine for a week and then now slowwwwwww.  Also, this is for client lists that is provided to me, I provide personalized newsletters and such for clients.  As I said, it ran great for 8 days or so, now it dogs it for some reason, I just do not know where to look or begin to look.

Thanks in Advance....
2 Solutions
Zaheer IqbalTechnical Assurance & ImplementationCommented:
Do you a virus scanner on the server..???
This could be scanning each mail???
Do you have relaying denied?
If you do not then that server is hijacked by someone sending emial via your smtp server.

If your utilizing the IIS smtp server to get mail over to your exchange server then:

Go to start> Programs> admin tools> Internet Services manager
In the left hand pane, expand server name
Right click on the Default SMTP Virtual Server and choose PROPERTIES
Click on the ACCESS tab at the top
Click on the RELAY button at the bottom
Make sure the radio button is selected for ONLY THE LIST BELOW.
OK your way all the way out.
That turns off relaying in IIS SMTP on win 2000.

Before we go any further, is that the setup your using? Or, are you running exchange server on the same server?
Open Microsoft Exchange System Manager.

go to servers >yourservername > protocols SMTP > default smtp server >queues

here you can see mail waiting. If there looks like stuff waiting is yours, then you might want to think about using a "smart host"

Smart hosts are basically a relay - all your mail goes there and is distributed from there, putting the load on the other server. Your ISP might freak, given the volumes, so check with them if its possible first. You can add the smart host from the SMTP virtual server properties >delivery tab under "advanced"

Otherwise - what Tannerman said, with the excetpion that exchange removes the SMTP service out of IIS and in to Exchange System Manager, which I've just shown you how to get to.

You can view the subject and recipients of waiting mesages in the queues folder by right clicking on a destination with messages wating and then choosing enumerate. This will list out all the waiting messages. Agian, be sure they are all yours...
Free Tool: Port Scanner

Check which ports are open to the outside world. Helps make sure that your firewall rules are working as intended.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

Harleyjd is exactly right. That is why I wanted to know if you were running exchange ON that same server, because it is not managed via IIS console.
I think your about to get it sovled with the afore mentioned from harleyjd
precisionAuthor Commented:
Ok guys, this is what I see...

In the Internet Information Services I do not see a Default SMTP Virtual Server, I only see a Default NNTP Virtual Server (stopped), also there is mydomain ftp site, my domain website, admin website.

In the Microsoft Exchange System Manager I see the queu and the mail does seem like it is mine.  Seems like a lot of mail in there.  I know some is delivering since I do a client seed so they see their message.  I do not see an advanced tab only a settings which it seems only option is the resfresh rate of time, it is set at 2 minutes.

What is the freeze and unfreeze, I assume what it means....

THe advanced button is on the delivery tab.

Frezze/unfreeze will stop retries or do an immediate rety...
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