Any purpose in backing up lpt$vpn. files

What kind of files is lpt$vpn.451 (the number is different from file to file) seen in conjunction wit Trend products? When backing up my exchange server wouldn`t it be a good idea to skip backing up these files?

oh...and what about .log files. should they be backed up with excec backup. .log files in MDBDATA for instance. Another way to put it: Which directories is totally unnessesary to backup? on my win2000 server/exchange 2000. Except from the obvious: temp files
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the lpt$ files is your virus pattern file. You dont' have to back it up, but there is no need not to. Normally there are only two of these. One for current pattern and one for previous. If you attempted to do a resotre it would be nice that trendscan woud function immediately.

If you are running an EXCHANGE backup separate from your full server backup then you do not need to backup the exchange folders like MDBdata.

The best practice for backing up exchange 2000 can be found here.

hope it helps
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