2k server logon script being strange

2k workstations

I put some stuff in our login bat to do some logging, innocuous stuff like:

echo %logonserver% >> \\server\logs$\logon\%computername%.txt

trouble is in the log files, the results are echoed twice for no apparent reason. I never had any trouble like this when i did this sort of thing on NT.

any ideas?
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PanadminConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are the logged lines still duplicated with only one login script running? If they are, there's probably some other location where the code is running twice. Does your batch file call any other batch files, or vice versa?

I agree, running the script twice will increase the logon time.
Could the login script be running twice, as a result of group policy and being defined on the user account?
browolfAuthor Commented:
that's a thought, because all our accounts were originally NT ones and had the login script on the user account. when we migrated we naturally put it in the group policy as well. will check tomorrow.
browolfAuthor Commented:
our older accounts do have  the login script in the user profile as well as  the group policy. Atm we have the logon scripts visible but we only see one dos window.  the order we have the login scripts is
printerscript using rundll then logon script.  this is what we see when we log on.

if the login script was running twice i'd be expecting to see 2 dos windows.

however i've just experimented with making a copy of the logon script and altering one of the loglines and then changing the user profile script on our test user account to point to this one instead. and it does indeed run invisibly.

bugger. i wonder if this has some bearing on why some logons can be quite slow. 2-3mins.

browolfAuthor Commented:
it's fixed now. perhaps i didnt make it quite clear.
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