Register a .Net dll in the Windows registry (for COM access)

I have created a strongly named dll, updated the assembly to include a guid & assembly key file & added the <ComClass()> attribute.  I am trying to register the dll on a server but the regasm utility is not found.  I try to use regsvr32 but I get the error "[name] was loaded, but the DllRegisterServer entry point was not found.  [name] This file can not be registered.  What am I doing wrong?  
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.Net dll does not need to be registered
ridgewayAuthor Commented:
It does not need to be registered if I only use it from the GAC or use it from other managed code.  I need to use it from SQL DTS which requires a COM interface.

Anyway I figured it out if any one else has this problem.  The regasm.exe is nested in the framework root.  If you browse out to it (usually c:\windows\\framework\[version]\ then run the command line from there it will work.

In your Project Properties / Configuration Properties / Generation Tab, Have you checked the box 'Register for COM Interop' ?
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ridgewayAuthor Commented:
I did not post more about this article because I answered my own question.  You will notice, the second paragraph from my comment on 11/02/04 notes that I found the problem.  It had to do with the regasm.exe not being in your path.
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