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Recently I purchased Spinrite 6.0 for use on my PC.  I run windows 2000pro as the OS.  To run Spinrite I first created a DOS floopy boot diskette from the Spinrite 6.0 windows application. Then when I booted from the diskette into the DOS application it was able to check my C drivie ok. BUT here is the problem:  Spinrite could not see the Maxtor 200 gb 1 touch 2.0 USB drive that was plugged into the system.  So it could not test the USB drive.  I asked SpinRite about this and they said that they do not  currently [[directly] support USB [drives] in their application. HOWEVER, "there are USB drivers available for USB and Firewire that will allow you to run SpinRite.  If you can get your ...device to "seen by DOS then Spinrite will have no problem testing the [Maxtor USB] drive."

Can some knowledgable and kind soul out there  point out to me in a step-by-step basis how to meld Spinrite 6.0 and a "driver" - from wherever - that will allow me to safely test my USB drive when I insert the DOS based Spinrite boot disk into Drive A on bootup?   I really am at sea about this. I was looking for a simple solution that would allow me to pop a disk into my floppy drive and then run in DOS a application that would check and fix all my drives interal or External USB.


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DrWarezzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is a tuffy  ":0)
Perhaps check out some of these links:


And for any other expert, the DOS Driver info that the author (Chuck) refers to, is here:

best of luck mate,
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