Mesenger failed with users' account

Hello All,

I have two questions

1: I was puzzled when some of my users connected to the LAN could not use their yahoo messenger with their account even though they can browse without much ado. I simply used same account account on another system that does nothave that problem without any trouble using the messenger

I logged in Using my admin privi and was able to to use messenger on those systems that failed to have messenger running. I tried checking the setting and found out that all setting are thesame using with both admind login and using created account.
It was always giving a proxy setting error whenever I logged in with user account. Why allowing messenger with admin privi and failed to allow with user acount even though setting are thesame?

Secondly I will like to block some IP of some workstations and user or at least restrict what they can have access to on my server. Any gist?

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Do you have a firewall setup? What is the proxy error you get? What server OS do you have? Is this a domain? What OS is the client running?

If you have a windows server then you can use share and NTFS permissions to restrict what files users have access to on the server.

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ajibadeoluwasegunAuthor Commented:
Thanks for this response. I have a proxy setup and have configured the settings on all systems running windows 2000 prof. The systems can browse without much ado.
The only thing in that yahooo messenger refused to start up telling me to set the proxy settings whenever a users logs in with their account. However, logging in to the Local system Using the Local Admin account." Administrator" does not give any problem having messenger running. I again logged with the domain Admin right and was still able to have messenger running even though the settings on both Admin(Local) , Admin(Domain) and the user's account were set just the same

In essence I cannot access messenger whenever A USER logs in with his account on the domain but can have access whenever that same user logs in with the Local Admin(To the Computer itself) or with ADMIN(DOMAIN)

I have checxked all services in either case without any Change

What can be the probable solution to this

ajibadeoluwasegunAuthor Commented:

Somebody must answer this question.

I can log in using accounts created to a system running Windows 2000pro without having the priviledge of Using Yahoo Messenger. However, If I log in with the Admin ID on the local machine, I can  use yahoo messenger even though I have thesame proxy setting  for either of the account.s.........What service is not running..Help  figure this out

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