Unable to open email in MS Outlook 2000

Just started having this problem with my Dell Dimension 4100 desktop - I can not open or generate new any emails from my MS Outlook 2000. When I double click or try new, it just goes into stall. Preview works fine so I can read them. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Outlook with no effect. When I send emails from my ACT 4.0 program, it works fine. I can also read emails from ACT. I also have same setup on a laptop and when I log into my email account, it works just fine. OS is Win 98.

Erik Macs
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mark-waConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I see you went to Com add-ins, but did you look in the regular Addin Manager?  It is in the same location:

tools > options > other > advanced options > Addin Manager

uncheck everything in there and close and restart Outlook normally

test the issue....

If that doesn't work, do a search for the following files and when they are found, rename each file and restart outlook:


example of renaming:    rename outcmd.dat   to   outcmd.old  (just change extension to old)

restart outlook normally (meaning, don't use the /safe switch) and test the issue.

sunray_2003Connect With a Mentor Commented:

Try these one by one and see if that would help

a)Open outlook in safe mode (start > run > outlook.exe /safe) .Go to help menu and click "Detect and repair". Check if this would help.

b) Repair PST : http://www.slipstick.com/problems/scanpst.htm

c)Also take a backup of all emails and go to control panel ---> mail --> show profiles and create a new profile
login to that profile , setup your email account , import the PST file and see if the same issue occurs.

d)If nothing works out repair or reinstall office go to control panel --> add/remove programs --> scroll down to office click on "change" and repair or reinstall . Then make sure to update going to http://officeupdate.microsoft.com
erikmacsAuthor Commented:
A) Ran in safe mode and everything appears to work correctly. Was able to receive and send emails without problem. I had already gone thru the Detect and Repair before, but not in safe mode. I redid it (in safe mode) and when opening in normal mode, the problem still exists.

B) Using Scanpst.exe, only local OST file needed repair - all pst files were fine.

C) I logged in as different user with different account/profile - problem is still the same.

D) Had already gone through uninstall/install/repair sequence.

I guess main question is what is limitation on Outlook when running in Safe mode?

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possibly there are some add-ins that is blocking it

go to tools > options > other > advanced options > COM add-ins and remove any add-in there and check
erikmacsAuthor Commented:
I did have Send Personally installed which was the only add-in, but I have had that for a while. I removed it for the time being.

I did discover Alexa and Hi Wire infections which I then removed (Ad-Aware, Spybot and Registry Checker) and went through the Detect and Repair process again while in Safe mode. Again this had no effect on the original problem.

So again I will ask again whether I can just run in Safe mode or are there certain thinngs that will go wrong with that? The only thing I have seen that I can not do is I no longer have Preview pane capability or Expand/Collapse Groups. Iam able to send and receive in this mode.

Any other ideas?

you can run in safe mode and except for some functionality loss you should be good to go
but there should be something disrupting and causing this behavior which we need to figure out

Also by this
>>  I logged in as different user with different account/profile

did you create a new outlook profile or different user account in the machine
erikmacsAuthor Commented:
I have several different accounts (working in Sales) - my own personal plus SALES and SALES1. Each has their own email account. So I logged in under that name (in Windows) and then ran Outlook with that specific profile. Same thing.

I did just setup a brand new profile under my current login and still - same thing .

I did notice that during the stall, I hit Ctl-Alt-Delete to exit the program and it shows "not responding". Now when I open back up again, the new email I was trying to open was now marked as READ (that is not bold anymore).

This is beating the hell out of me.

if it is not bold, right-click and make it unread.

what issue you have currently ..

erikmacsAuthor Commented:
I can change the Read/Unread without problem.
Auto preview and Preview Pane work although I don't usually use those features anyway due to generic antivirus safety. The onlty real loss that I see in Safe mode is loss of toolbar modifications.

I guess that if safe mode is the only thing that will work, so be it.

I also reinstalled the Send Personally. It works but after last name is sent it comes back with "Unknown Error".

I feel a "wipe it all out and reinstall Windows" suggestion coming up shortly. Thanks for your help.

can you check working on outlook in a different user account in the same machine
and does it show the same behavior.

Try creating a new PST and see what happens
erikmacsAuthor Commented:

First the sequence - I did what Sunray suggested about logging in to a new account. I actually created a whole new account in the server and logged in and sent an email from outside source. Unable to open as before.

I then took Mark's suggestion of unchecking all of the Add-In items. Again no luck.

I then renamed the files as suggested to *.old and voila, it works again. My customized toolbar disappeared in the process, but a minor inconvenience. I am able to send new and open old. All the unchecked items in the Add-In Options, were rechecked on their own.

Some minor points - The extend.dat and fimcache.dat files were created anew in their same directories. The extend.dat actually had 2 files - one in the Windows directory and the other in C:\WINDOWS\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook. I had changed both to .old, but the one in the Windows main directory did not get affected by Outlook reopening. Also the views.dat file was not regenerated.

So my final questions are -
Do I now delete the extend.old and fimcache.old files?
What do I do with the other extend.old file in the /Windows dir. I have already rebooted once so it doews not seem to affect anything else.

Thanks greatly to both of you.

Erik ,

Glad you were to find some success here.

Thanks to Mark for some good suggestions.. I shall note them for further use..

Hi Erik,

You can delete the frmcache.old and the 2 extend.old without consequence.  They will all regenerate themselves when needed.  The views.dat file will regenerate when needed too.  I'm glad you got it resolved!

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