Multiple VPN Connections to single Cisco PIX from a single IP address

We are running a Cisco PIX 515 with VPN at my office.  I have upgraded the IOS to version 6.3(4), and updated the VPN Client to 4.0.5(c).  At my home, I am connected to the internet using high-speed cable modem, which is connected to a Linksys Wireless Router and Access Point.  The internet connection has a single public IP address, and the linksys serves as a dhcp server for my home computers.  When I connect to the VPN from my laptop and my desktop at the same time, I do receive 2 different IP addresses from the PIX for the units.  However, I can only stay connected for 10 - 20 minutes with multiple connections.  If I only have one computer connected to the VPN from home, I can stay on for as long  as the maximum set in the PIX (about 8 hours).  I have a NAT-traversal statement "isakmp nat-traversal 20" coded in the PIX, at the suggestion of a friend.  Prior to putting that statement in, I could not have multiple connections at all.  Will changing the 20 value help?  Is there a way that I can have more than one connection simultaneously?  This is needed with the directors of my company have meetings off-site, but need to connect via the convention centers broadband connection.
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you may want to use one computer as IPSec to connect to the PIX, and setup the second computer access the remote through the IPSec connection. for the more and other information, check the

This is more a problem with your local router than your PIX. I've seen this hundreds of times, one user complains that it is not working the other says it works just fine. You might see that when the directors try to do this is it just works. I think it has something to do with how these low budget routers implement IPsec awareness into their firmware.

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chrishornembgAuthor Commented:
To martap - We are using a LinkSys BEFW11S4.  Do you have any suggestions regarding another device that may work better for this?  I need something fairly portable, so that we can take it to different places for this type of application.

I know for a fact that this works with a PIX 501. Don't have very much experience with the low budget home routers.
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