SUS updates to individual PCs/groups?

I am running SUS from a Windows 2003 Server and have a large set of updates to deploy.  However, I do not want to deploy these updates out to all of my workstations.  I would rather like to only deploy them to a smaller subset first and then monitor for any problems (kind of like a lab machine).  I realize I could bypass SUS and just sit down at the machine and deploy individually.  However, I am just wondering if there's a way to deploy to individual PCs/PC groups via SUS without visiting the PCs?  My experience has always been with SUS deploying throughout the organization.  Thanks in advance!
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For that, you'll need two SUS servers; one for the regular updates that should be deployed to all clients, and the other one for the test updates.
Configure a different GPO for the test machines, and let them point to the test SUS. Approve the updates to be tested on the test SUS, monitor your test clients. If they're doing fine, approve the updates on the real SUS as well.
In addition, you can of course set the real SUS to download the updates from the test SUS, that will save some bandwidth.

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amann44Author Commented:
OK, that's definitely an option oBdA.  First option is to do everything I can with the current SUS server.  So, my request is to continue this thread w/ a focus on a way to use one physical SUS machine to accomplish these needs.
None that I'm aware of; the only influence you have on the client side is the SUS server's address, and the only influence you have on the server side is which hotfixes you approve; that doesn't leave a lot of possibilities that I can think of.
So unless you're willing to turn off the auto updates on the other clients while testing (which would be a rather messy solution), you'll need two servers. Given that the test server won't be accessed by a lot of clients, this can easily run in addition on another server, or on some desktop hardware.
Yet another possibility, if your server has enough RAM (and enough CPU cycles left), might be the use of Virtual Server. Let your "real" SUS run from the "real" hardware, and the Test SUS as a virtual machine (or both as virtual machines). An evaluation kit is available:
Microsoft Virtual Server 2005
amann44Author Commented:
Alright oBdA.  Good logic there.  Now, I read somewhere that SUS will only run from Windows 2000/2003 server.  You mentioned in your last post "or on some desktop hardware".  So, is that referring to Windows 2000 Pro or Windows XP Pro?  I would really like the idea of that as a test box.  I'm somewhat new to SUS (especially customizing it).  Thanks very much!
You'll need to install W2k Server or W2k3, but this can run on regular desktop hardware.
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