Deleting a Folder in Outlook


I've added a mailbox folder that I now can't delete or edit.  When I highlight the folder I get the message, "Unable to Display the Folder, MicroSoft Outlook could not access the specified folder location"

How do I delete this folder?

Thanks for your time!

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Karen FalandaysConnect With a Mentor Training SpecialistCommented:
Hi Dweb,
Remove and readd the mailbox to the user's service:
Tools, Services
Highlight services tab
Single click exchange server and click properties
Highlight advanced tab
Remove extra mailbox
Close and restart Outlook
]How does that do?
Several possible solutions to try.  I'm not sure if you're using an Exchange mailbox or a .pst file.

1. Start Outlook with the /resetfolders command line switch.  Details on using the command line switches are at

2. If you are using a .pst file, try running the Scanpst utility.  You can find details about it at

3. If you're using an Exchange Server account, it may be a mailbox permissions issue.  You would need to contact your Exchange administrator for assistance.

Hope this helps!
dweb937Author Commented:
I am the mailbox administrator.  

I thought I was on the right track with this but something is not right.  
I'm using Outlook 2000, Windows Small Business Server 2000, and ADS.  I
created an e-mail account for news@... and I want to set up the mailbox for
news@.... to display on User B folder's list in Outlook so he can send and
receive e-mails addressed from/to news@.... .

I added the mailbox - news to the administrator's folder list.  But I can't open or delete it and I get the message,"Unable to display the folder, Microsoft Outlook could not access the specified folder location"  Then I thought to try and delete it and I can't  One of the ones I added works just fine.  I can'f find the difference.

I set the mailbox permissions for User B to be able for read permissions and
full mailbox access.  Is this correct?  and how do I add the mailbox for
news@.... to User B's folder list in Outlook?

I sent an e-mail from User B's e-mail address to news@.... and a message
came to User B's Inbox with From: System Administrator,  To: news@.....    

Thanks for your time and assistance!


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