Compiling apps with DLL source

I have a small application to test a custom written DLL.  The VB.Net solution contains 2 projects:

DLLTester - Actual application that calls the DLL routines for testing
MyDLL - The DLL code itself.

DLLTester is set as the startup project.  Run the program and all is well.  

My question has to do with re-compilation.  Assume the program and DLL are working ok.  Next I want to add a new class to the DLL and I do so.  I right click MyDLL in the solution window and choose "Build".  Now I go to my main app and do something like:

Dim Test as new MyDLL.NewClass

2 questions:

1 - Why is Newclass not a valid symbol?  I just recompiled the DLL.  Shouldn't the main program now see the new class?
2 - Why, when I right clicked the DLL and chose Build, did it attempt to build the entire solution?  If I choose only the DLL, should it build only the DLL?

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Ignacio Soler GarciaConnect With a Mentor Solution Architech & Technical LeadCommented:
This happens because when you rebuild the DLL it only rebuilds that DLL but it don't replace the DLL file that is inside the /bin folder on the DLLTester dir. This one is the used to take the references from the DLL so, until you rebuild the DLL and then rebuild the DLLTester the new classes won't be avaliable ...
MIKEVAuthor Commented:
Oh, and I've set the dependancies so that DLLTester 'depends on' MyDLL.
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