How to copy files from the PPC to the desktop network map drive?

Hi experts,

I currently write the application for Intermec CK30 (Windows CE) in Visual Basic.NET 2003 and I am new in VB.NET. This application needs to upload (copy) the files from Intermec CK30 device to the Map Network Drive in PC through USB. Anyone have any idea?

Thank you very much for your help.
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NNhatAuthor Commented:
Thanks Mikal613,

I try that, but it won't work. I believe that code for VB6.0. For instance, I declare:
Dim typFindFileData As CE_FIND_DATA, but CE_FIND_DATA not exist any functions.

EVB is vb Syntax for pocket pc
I'd recommend reading the following Microsoft article:

Basically you'll want to use's implementation of RAPI (Remote API):

The function you are interested in is
CopyFileFromDevice Copies a file from the device to a PC.

That should get you want you're after please let us know if not.

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NNhatAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much for your helps.

Actually I look at this links before and it helps me a lots. My code can copy file from PPC to desktop right now. But I want that the file upload from my Intermec CK30 to desktop. Which means this application must run in CK30. Let say, I scan the barcodes and save it with filename barcode.txt. After done with scanning, I put my scanner in DOCK and press F4, the filename "barcode" will upload file to PC in Network Map Drive ( for instance, "\Z\Filename\"). the DOCK communicates with my PC by USB cable.

Thanks alot.
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