Globals within class libraries

I have a DLL project with muliple classes;  Data classes actually and all these use the same basic connection string.  Rather than define them separately for each class I tried this at the top of the file:

Dim ConnectString as String

But I get the error "Statement not valid within a namespace".  I understand why but what would be a workaround that will accomplish the same thing; maintain a value common to all the classes within the class library?

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Cretae a module and add the global variables there
Ignacio Soler GarciaSolution Architech & Technical LeadCommented:
Create a class on the same DLL project called "Config" or "Global" or whatever and create public constants like:

Public Class Config

    Public Const connectionString as String = "PutHereTheText"

End Class

Then do an import of this class on the other classes

Imports Config


Askme more if you need it!


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MIKEVAuthor Commented:
"Cretae a module and add the global variables there"

I've read the concept of modules in VB.Net will become obsolete, I'd rather not back myself into that corner, but it's currently a valid solution.

"Create a class on the same DLL project called "Config" or "Global" or whatever and create public constants like:"

That's it.  Perfect, thanks!!!
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Ignacio Soler GarciaSolution Architech & Technical LeadCommented:
Yeah, I have the luck of just being a programmer without having vb6 skills. I don't like anything that is not related with OOP :)
Module is not absolete. Just in VB.NET it is Shared class. that is all
Ignacio Soler GarciaSolution Architech & Technical LeadCommented:
Okok, that's right, but in normal OOP you don't use to define shared classes aren't you?
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