Event ID: 47 Issue

On the PDC server in the System Event Log I get the following Event ID: 47 with Source: Print

The Printer represented by PrintQueue LDAP://CN=STATION2-Lexmark Optra S 1855
(MS), CN=STATION2,CN=Computers,DC= "the domain"  cannot be found: 709.

I get this information Event ID for several of the printers I have networked on a per room basis.

Please Advise
Van JohnsonChief Technology OfficerAsked:
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This event id is not an error, just an announcement that the prunning system is verifying printers published in Active directory. If you don't publish printers in Active directory, they will not be verified, and you'll have no prunning warning. I'll keep the printers in AD only if other users must print to them, otherwise it's not necessary.
The printer object can be corrupted in a workstation, which requires deleting and reinstalling the printer (verify STATION2's printer);


If you got also event id 13508 there is a file replication problem, between pdc and other dc.
Van JohnsonChief Technology OfficerAuthor Commented:
Yes, I am aware this could be a problem but I have deleted and reinstalled the printer on the box I am sharing the printer from.  I am still getting this Information Event.
This information event is for several boxes not just this one in other words I show 8 different events on the System Event log for 11/2/04 beginning at 4:14 and ending at 4:18.
I am not getting an Event ID 13508 with this Information Event.
I was wondering if I need to uncheck the box that says List in Directory, on the box sharing the printer.

Please Consult
Van JohnsonChief Technology OfficerAuthor Commented:
I need to test this, but if I uncheck the box that List the printer in the directory I can still print with the boxes I have pointed to that printer it just will not show up in the Directory List.  Does that sound resonable?  I understand it is not an error but just an Information event as stated above.

Thanks in advance
There is the possibility to connect directly to the shared printer, not using Active directory, like in a workgroup. The printing will work without problems, but if there are a lot of printer it will be harder to find. Also, the domain user doesn't have by default the right to connect to shared printers, but it can connect to active directory published printers, without requiring administrator's intervention, if the point and print option is active in Group policy.
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