Having difficulty getting Internet explorer to operate over ntework

I have 2 PCs running Win 2000. They are networked via a crossover cable. The network is working fine. I am able to copy files from one computer to the other. I retrieve e-mails via outlook express from my ISP with no bother. I have an FTP program that I use for updating my web site. That works OK. I have a couple of other programs that access the internet independantly with no problem. IE 6 works OK when the ADSL modem is connected to this computer. But when it has to work over the network, it just doesn't want to work.
I guess it's due to a setting problem somewhere, but I'm sure I've checked everything a dozen times. Any ideas would be most welcome. I'm pulling my hair out.

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What is the default gateway set to on the computer without the ADSL modem?

Right-click on My Network Neighborhood on your desktop and select properties.  Now right-click on your local area connection and select Properties.  Double click on the TCP/IP protocol to view the settings.

The default gateway should be set to the machine with the ADSL modem.  

If changing that doesn't work then you may need to actually set up Internet Connection Sharing.  This guide should help you do that:


Basically the problem seems to be that your other machine doesn't know the route to the Internet. The local network works fine as it doesn't involve any routing.  You are both on the same wire.  Anything outside of that network requires proper routing.

Please post back if you still have troubles.

jobeybAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply Jeff

I have internet sharing set up on the computer with the modem. The computer without the modem is set to automatically detect settings in network properties.
As I say, outlook express works fine as does a few other progs that use the internet through the network.
I would have thought that if routing wasn't working correctly, nothing would work at all. Perhaps you can advise.



Ahh, I thought you meant you had it working only when the ADSL modem was connected to this machine.

One thing to check is to make sure you don't have a proxy server set.  Open Internet Explorer and click on Tools -> Internet Options.  Now click on the LAN Settings button.  Make sure every box is unchecked and hit OK.

If you still can't bring up a web page, try going to this link:  (this should go to microsoft.com)

Did that work?  Now try: http://www.microsoft.com/.  If that didn't work, the problem is with DNS resolution.  I'm just trying to narrow the problem down.

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jobeybAuthor Commented:
Hello again Jeff

No proxy server set. Neither of the links connected.

I tried setting the machine without the modem on a network ID 1 different from the other. i.e the one with the modem is set to (default because of internet sharing), so I set it to with the gateway set at, but still no joy.

Could there be something on the machine with the modem, preventing IE connection,as everything else works.
I have up to date virus software running. I have Secuity Task manager that roots out anything untoward in the running processes's, so pretty certain there's nothing there stopping it.

p.s I've up'd the points to 500. I initially thought that this was going to be a cinch, just a little box to tick somewhere that I had missed. Bill does like ticks in little boxes!


bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
sounds like a DNS issue, have you tried what masterbaker mentioned? another tool is to use NSLOOKUP. regards,
jobeybAuthor Commented:
Hi all

Since posting this question, I have been playing around with various settings, and have found that I can get to some sites. But they do take an inordinate amount of time to load. Other sites do not load at all, although th IE status bar says that site has been found and opening page.
During my investigations I have found out about a program called DRTCP. I have downloaded and installed this, but do not fully understand the settings I should mbe making.
Will this program help my position? If so should it be installed on both machines, and what settings.

By the way, I am writing this on a shared internet connection. This seems to be one of the pages that sometimes loads.


bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
if DrTCP solves your problems, that means you got MTU issues with your ADSL connection and ICS, the default settings of windows and ICS do not work well on your LAN. that is why such program developed and distributed, hehe. :)

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