How can I Copy large folders ahead of time and then just copy changes at the cut over ?

We are converting from Novell 5.1 to Windows 2003
On the Novell server we have very large folders and I want to copy them over to the Windows server so that when we cut over for real I don't have a long process to do it. Can I use some utility that will copy over just the chnages since the last copy ?
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oBdAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There's no need for that; as I said, robocopy will by default not copy files that are already in the target directory (same time/date/size assumed).
Something like
robocopy SourceDirectory TargetDirectory /mir
should do for the beginning (and the updates afterwards). You might want to have a look at the /r and /w switches as well, and the /log.
Robocopy should do the trick. Install the W2k3 ResKit Tools on your W2k3 server, and have a look at robocopy.doc in the installation directory.
You can run it as often as you like, it wil by default only copy files that have been changed or added since the last time.
In your case, the "/mir" switch might be useful as well, as this will delete files in the target directory that aren't present anymore in the source (because a user deleted them).

Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools
dorgunrAuthor Commented:
do I use the /XO    exclude older files do just get the chnaged and new files copied over ?
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