windows equivalent to "which" command on unix

Is there a windows equivalent command to "which" command on unix.

I am trying to get the full path of the executable that is used, when I just run a exe from cmd prompt.

If there is no command, Is there an solution to achieve that?

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Download the GNU utilities for Windows; it contains a "which".
GNU utilities for Win32

A single line in a batch will work as well:

@echo %~$PATH:1
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
confused do you mean

echo %path%
chennarhAuthor Commented:
Say I have a test.exe in 10 different directories, and all of them are included in my path, and I open up a command prompt and type "test", I want to know which one of those 10 files is being executed.
Not sure I understand.  Are you trying to type a command without the full path?  Then hold down the Windows key and press the "F" key.  Find the directory of the .exe, and add it to your path:

1. Right click on my computer, select properties
2. Click on the Advanced Tab
3. Choose Environment Variables.
4. Add to the end of System or User Variables.

I have NO idea if I am answering the right question! :)
chennarhAuthor Commented:
Thanks oBdA.
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