Transfering a Blob between SQL Server 2000 and MY SQL using DTS


I have a SQL Server here and I am copying a table from it to a MS SQL database using DTS. One of the fields in the table is a medium text (entries in it are about 300 characters.) DTS will not allow me to move a BLob so I have to split the data up into 2 fields and they concatenate them - any suggestions do I don't have to do this?

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LowfatspreadConnect With a Mentor Commented:
sorry why is 300 characters a blob?

are you sure you're not getting caught by the default output column limit in query analyzer (255 characters)?

if the MySQL table has a 300 character column defintion  (or varchar(300)) then I wouldn't have
expected you to have a problem which version of MySql are you using?

jculkincysAuthor Commented:
FYI the MY SQL database is not on site - we are connecting to it using an OBDC (other) connection.
jculkincysAuthor Commented:
Just to clarity database 1 is a MS SQL Server 2000 and database 2 is my SQL (4.1.7)

we are using DTS to tranfer a table from database 1 to database 2
jculkincysAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help -
we got it done by transfering the table to access and then exporting it to the mysql database
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