Content Management and php?

I am looking for a Content Management package and/or Forum software package that I can modify and mold its appearance into what I want/need it to be.  What available options are out there that will provide me with:

1) The most felixibility
2) open source
3) comprehensive member management
4) multiple weblog handling

Cost is always a factor, but not as large a factor as the flexibility that I need.
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Forums:        the one that I use      also good

Content Management Portals:

These are all good open source options, but you can find more suggestions for each at, a great site for open source content management info.

You can also check out Hot Scripts - 508 content management scripts (some free, some commercial) available at

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will1383Author Commented:

I would say is the most popular and one of the best forum boards out there.
Also is good but not free....

As for content management system, also look at, quite a nice CMS...

Otherwise humeniuk  has mentioned most of it out there... :)

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will1383Author Commented:
One of my greatest concerns (and fears for that matter) revolve around that most forum packages and Content Managment packages have different methods of member managment, requiring me to either manage seperate member lists, groups, etc. OR - which is what I will probably end up doing - figuring out a way to merge the Content Managment software and the forum software.

I have been looking at various options but I am unsure what road these options are going to take me down and I am fearful of the time cost it would take to merge these types of software packages.  Any comments regarding this possible issue or am I over reacting?

Thanks for the links!  I will be reviewing and researching them over the next several days.
Unfortunately, you're not overreacting.  Trying to integrate different components will fall somewhere between difficult and futile.  What you want is an integrated solution.  For example, if you go with phpWebSite (which I like), you can use phpwsBB for your forum.  However, phpwsBB isn't nearly as full-featured as phpBB, for example.  So, can you use phpWebSite with phpBB instead?  This is what the phpWebSite FAQ says:

"Q:         Can phpWebSite be integrated with phpBB? I am not currently satisfied with phpwsbb as it is not robust enough for my needs.
A:       phpwsBB is still growing. I imagine it will be as fully featured as phpBB at some point.
For phpBB to work natively with phpWebSite, the developers would need to code it as a module. We would have to rewrite phpWebSite to work under their software. I think both teams have their hands full with their own project so this probably will not happen.
If you want phpwsBB to be more robust, you can visit their page on Sourceforge and give them a hand. I am sure they would appreciate it =) "

(FYI, you can download phpwsBB here -

So, essentially, you should compare overall features for the different options and choose combination is best for you.  Unfortunately, this may mean making a compromise here and there.
will1383Author Commented:

The trend I am finding is that there are packages that handle multiple weblogs great and packages that handle forums great, but there doesn't seem to be an integrated solution that handles BOTH multiple weblogs AND forums well, hence my delima.  I must have both solutions.

I will look phpwsbb and phpbb and see what I can see.

It would be great if a group of people or a company could come up with a total solution.  I've used phpbb and it has alot of nice features including multiple user groups, etc.  I would still need to edit all of the physical pages to get them to fit within the website I am creating, but that is expected for any package I use.  But changing page layouts and content ordering is much easier than trying to code up my own forum or weblog software.
<< But changing page layouts and content ordering is much easier than trying to code up my own forum or weblog software. >>
Amen to that.

If you like phpBB, you may want to consider going with Postnuke (which I think is a step up from phpNuke, though not everyone agrees).  It has what phpWebSite doesn't have, an integrated phpBB module called PNphpBB (see
will1383Author Commented:

Time to do some research and see what i can see.
will1383Author Commented:
Ok, something else that concerns me.

Postnuke and phpbb both use MySql as their database backend.  I wish to change this over to a more enterprise solution such as MS SQL Server.  Is it safe to assume that I would pretty much blow up Postnuke and phpBB or any other php-based content manager?

It's theoretically possible if you know what you're doing, but that gets you into the coding,which you were trying to avoid.
will1383Author Commented:

It does get me into the coding, but I would have a large amount of things completed for me, so the time it would take to migrate to another database back end might be worth the work due to the sheer amount of features and administrative functions that are already provided.  Then I would need to change the layout of the site, add the new areas I need, change around the db backend to use SQL Server (or oracle or what not).  By the looks of things I may need to use an intermediate application server to handle all of the database requests.  Another added layer.

lol.  Betcha this is looking like quite the task I have at hand.
will1383Author Commented:
I guess what I'm really looking for is some manner to reduce my coding workload, hence my search for an open source Content Management and Forum software packages.
One point to clarify: I'm not sure that some of these solutions don't support MS SQL (although there would be an irony to that), so while you review them, keep your eyes open.  I do know that the PostNuke site links to and features a button ad for Mozilla Firefox ("take back the web!"), so I guess we know where their sympathies lie :)
will1383Author Commented:
LOL.  Yup sounds that way.  I'm still researching PostGre as that may be the only other possible db solution other than MS SQL (based on my requirements for costs and features) but that's for another conversation.
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