Cannot add network printer

Greetings experts.
Just added a new HP laserjet 2300n printer to our network.  We use a windows 2003 server as a print server.  Added the printer locally using a standard tcp/ip port, giving the printer a static ip address.  Next going thru the windows add printer wizard, the printer is listed in the active directory.  I select the specific printer but then receive a message:
"you do not have sufficient access to your computer to connect to the selected printer"
Now I only receive this message when attempting to install this printer.  Any other networked printers install OK.  I have been troubleshhoting this for two days.  Really frustrating.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  Mucho points for this!
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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Simply put the 2300n CD in the client and it will autodetect all the 2300n printers on your network and ask which one you want to use?

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Hello EaglePress =)

Read here,

'You do not have sufficient access to your machine to connect to the selected printer'
EaglePressAuthor Commented:
That worked, sort of, looks like this printer wants the HP software installed before it will accept the netowrk printer.  But once the cd runs and the software is installed I stil have to use the add printer wizard to get the printer to show in the printer listing. At least it accepts the printer. Definately a work around and not the best solution.  Hey, It works and that is the main thing.  Thanks for the quick response.

I already tried that earlier today, with no success!
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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
indeed - you made a good buy Im running about 30 2300n's they are a good peice of kit (nice and fast)

HP are moving towards using jetdirect ports which is annoying for those of us who are used to jetadmin and telnettting to print servers.

glad you got it printing - if you have AD, Ive got 2300's installed on my servers and tick "list in directory" on the printer properties
you can then add them as network printers from AD or assign them to your users

EaglePressAuthor Commented:
Here is another work around I figured out that seems to be the solution.
I installed the HP software (from the printer cd) on the windows server that is acting as my print server.  Then on the client machine, i was able to use the add printer wizard normally.  No errors.
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Thats how I install mine then I add it to active directory, that way if I need to update print drivers etc I only have to do it once :)
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