restoring files ext2 linux

Hi there,
I had a crash on a computer and I had a backup made with webmin backup, I was able to restore almost all the files, but in some directories, when I do a restore , only the directories were restored but not the files, I checked the back file and those files are there, what command should I use to force the restore of the files as well?

thanks for your time
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   First,  use "df -k" to check the disk space left. Make sure the partition you try to restore to have enough space.

   Umount the filesystem which you have problem to restore. And run "fsck" on the umounted filesystem to fix the filesystem
problem if there is any.

   Then restore again.

   If it still fails, then retore to other directory and copy back to the origianl directory.

rcinformaticaAuthor Commented:
hi thanks for the answer, I cheked with df -k and there is 40gb free, could you tell me how can I unmount the filesystem and run fsck?

thanks again

  Say the mount point is /home, login as root and do
# umount /home    (If the device busy, do "fuser -uk /home" and umount it again)

  Then do
# fsck /home  (you may use option "-y" for fsck)
   Type "y" when fsck prompt for fix.


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rcinformaticaAuthor Commented:
Hi thnks
I checked the file system with fsck and foud a couple of errors and fixed, I tried again to restore to other directories, and it does restore almost all the files and dirs, but some files it changes owner to the user and some others does not and the dir  belong to root, and in the dirs that belong to root it still does not copy the files but only create directories, beside even in the files that are restored I cannot get access with http and apache and it says Forbidden

thanks very much for your help I need to have the server running asap......
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