Outlook Error message

I have outlook 2003 setup with my pop3 email and when I try to forward a email to a group I am gettin the follwing error message "An Unexpected error has occurd"
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Karen is right. You have given very minimal data for us to know more about the issue.
Well , asusual I can ask you a couple of questions but it would be nice if you give us more data like

a) Can you send email to just one person and does it go through fine

b) Have you tried to delete the email account and create it again to see if that would help

c) Do you have word set as email editor

d) How many contacts are there in that group and if you reduce the number of contacts in the group, does it help ..



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nbcinternAuthor Commented:
Hi Guys,

The out look version is 2003

and I can send and receive email to all the other people with out any problem

The group has about 10 contacts

This problem occues only for this group

No word is not set as the email editor

Thank you
Can you put 2 email addresses in the group and check if you can send email ?

Have you checked from your ISP or email provider if there is any limitation on how many emails you can send at a time ?

Have you ever been able to send emails to that many ppl or this is the first time you are trying

Instead of putting those 10 in a group , can you put them individually in the TO field and does it go ?

When you say group ,do  you mean Distribution List (DL) ?
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