Slow "My Computer" after mapping new DFS drive

In two of our 6 sites, we have an intermittent performance problem when opening "My Computer".  It can take *minutes* to open.

We noticed that this started once we started mapping F: drive to a new DFS root, called DFSData.  Here's some info.

- This is our second DFS root.  
- Both roots are domain roots (\\domain\dfsData and \\domain\dfs)
- The first root is site-restricted, and one of its links refers to the DFSData root (\\domain\dfs\Data --> \\domain\dfsData)
- the DFSData root is not site-restricted
- one of the sites that are exhibiting problems has a local root replica locally!
- the links of the DFSData root point to shares in many different sites

What can we do to find out why this slow opening happens sometimes?

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The last time I saw this problem the DFS client was connecting over a WAN link to a replica instead of connecting to the local replica. We used the Windows 2003 support tools to troubleshoot. Specifically, dfsutil.exe and dfscmd.exe.

Running "dfsutil /pktinfo" on the client that maps the drive:
c:\>dfsutil /pktinfo
3 entries...
Entry: \\dfs\Apps
ShortEntry: \\dfs\Apps
Expires in 0 seconds
UseCount: 0 Type:0x1 ( DFS )
   0:[\\dfs\Apps] State:0x31 ( ACTIVE )
   1:[\\dfs\Apps] State:0x21 ( )
   2:[\\dfs\Apps] State:0x21 ( )

Whichever server is active is the one the mapped drive will connect to.

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sstoyanovichAuthor Commented:
Ok, I'll pass it on to the site guys, and we'll give it a try next time the problem happens.  I'm not going to close the question though, because I'm unsure it's as simple as this.  It's not access to the DFS drive that's slow, it's opening My Computer.  Please allow me time to wait and see.

sstoyanovichAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I never got back to this.  Thing is, SP2 has been applied, and we did some DNS clean-up, and somewhere during that time-frame, it wasn't so slow anymore.  We're not sure what exactly did it, but cleaning up DNS (sorry, I forget what exactly they found) is the likely candidate.

I'll award the points anyway, since I forgot about this question!!

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