Ghost Version 9.0: How to create a bootable CD-Rom with a backup-dialog to create a .gho image to USB2 disks ?

I have just purchased Version 9.0.
Hot-backup Windows XP Pro of my laptop C-Drive to one of my USB-connected drive.
I have a Windows 2000 Server Domain Controller to backup.
I installed .Net FrameWork Version 1.1.
Ghost Version 9.0 install starts, then stops after a while saying Operating System not supported.
I am guessing, of course, that "Hot-backup" of a Server-DC can be more tricky, thus not allowed.
Is there anyone that would know how to create a bootable CD-Rom with Version 9.0 to allow backup [a ".gho" image] to be taken to USB-connected disks ?
A bootable DVD-Rom/RW would also be acceptable [multiple DVD-Rom].
I since tried to boot from the Install CD-Rom.
The only menu that comes up is "Recovery Disk" with a few options.
All options are oriented towards "Repair", "Restore" etc... and assumes you have a proper backup file  .gho  first somewhere, Wi-Fire, USB2 etc...
I need to take that Windows 2000 Server-DC image, as Ghost 8.0 use to, DISK to FISK, or DISK to PARTITION, or PARTITION to PARTITION.
I have not found that dialog with Ghost Version 9.0.
Could you help me here ?
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Ghost is right, it does not support the backup of servers. For that you need the enterprise edition...
Norton Ghost 9.0
Windows XP Home, XP Pro, 2000 Pro SP2 or later

Symantec Ghost Corporate Edition 8.0
Windows 2000 Professional/Server SP4, Windows XP Professional SP1a, Windows Server 2003 Standard/Enterprise
jlddjlddAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your response.
$500.00 dollars for a single test-server backup is a bit out of my reach.
Minimum is 10-Lic. I am not a "Corporate". I am testing at home a server environment.
I am looking into "stopping" my server and be able to boot from a CD-Rom and carry on a backup.
Ghost 7.5 does it well but does not support USB drives as a destination.
I am not looking for a "Hot-Backup" of a Server-DC.
The PC will be offline, then boot.
But I do need to save the  .gho  to a USB drive.
Any suggestion ?
Best Regards, Jean-Louis, Sydney, Australia.
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To make a bootable CD all you need to do is start the Ghost Boot Wizard and choose CD/DVD Startup Disk with Ghost...and when given the choice be sure to include USB drivers. Once the disc is made it will have USB support
jlddjlddAuthor Commented:
As it seems, Ghost Version 9.0 does not have any Ghost Boot Wizard choice.
This is what I am looking fort.
I could do a screen capture to show you.
All I have is:
+-------------------------------+ Pick a backup Task...
| -Views-                            |
| Advanced View                 | Backup Up Drives
| -Status-                           | Schedule Incr. Backups
| Ready                              |
+-------------------------------+ Rest. Files & Folders
|-Learn about-                    |
|Back Up Drive                    | Restore a drive
|Restore Files and Folders   |
| Restore Drive                   | ...or upgrade a HDD
| Copy Drive                       |
| Norton Partition Magic       | Copy One Drive to another

If you have Version 9.0 installed, please tell me the path to get there ?
This is what I am looking for.
Thank you.
Best Regards,
Jean-Louis, Sydney, Australia
jlddjlddAuthor Commented:
Found somebody with the same problem:
Seems that Symantec Norton Ghost does not have any Ghost Boot Wizard anymore to force people to purchase System Works 2005.

The 2500 points are still for grab.
Maybe I should grab them myself then ?
Best Regards.
Jean-Louis, Sydney, Australia
Hmm sorry to hear that. Sounds like your options are limited. If you can't make a boot disk and it won't run with the OS, it doesn't seem like you have much choice but to upgrade or change products. Sorry :(
jlddjlddAuthor Commented:
Yes, It seems.
I have now purchased a Ghost 8.0 [10 Lic, single user!] just for Ghost Boot Wizard to generate a compatible CD-Rom Boot with USB2 support.
I will keep this one in a safe deposit box in Switzerland.
Thank you for your help and to all who help me getting to this simple truth:
"Not only in Scottland we can find unreal ghosts..."

This conclude the 27 x 51minutes Foxtel sitcom of:
                            "Catch a Ghost... without a Wizard, if you can !"

I have work to do now.  Nice week end to all.
jlddjlddAuthor Commented:
Hello LucF !
You know, since that time, I have tried, and tried again.
And eventually I found that the  .iso  image of Ghost 9.0 sent by Symantec is both "bootable" but also auto-start to install... and, PF6 during boot from the CD-Rom allows to pint to any other device... eg. diskette, usb-stick, to grab additional driver that obviously may not be on the CD-Rom.
I went a step further.
[Maybe I win my own 250 points ?   :-)   :-)   :-)]
I went to buy WinISO.
With WinISO I can now open the symantec  .iso  "blob"  as an explorer tree, then add all drivers I want, then recreate a new  .iso  with all drivers I may need in the future.
That is for the RESTORE of any image to a disk or partition.
But I am still looking for Stand-Alone boot to take an image of a Win2K3-Server-DC.
The reason is simple.
Ghost 9.0 is not compatible with Server-DC.
Simple server is fine.
As far as Ghost 8.0 attempt... it is a mess with the console-install and what have you...
I might try again to get Ghost 8.0 Boot CD to allow BACKUP to USB2 for Win2K3-Server-DC in a while. I work with a customer support some 90 or 95 hours a week for the last 7 years... I need a rest somehow.
I hope the "PF6" thing will help some.
For the moment, any Ghost Boot Diskette 8.0 does "see" any USB port.
Back in 1970's !  Thanks Mr Symantec !!! Progress...

I love EE.
I have made some addict at work now...   :-)
PAQed with points refunded (250)

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