Exchange 2003 error 5.1.1 Recipient does not exist - when receiving from other companies


The problem I got started as an occasionnal problem. Some companies or clients could not send us emails, as they got the error 5.1.1 The recipient does not exist on the specified server.

This became more of a problem this week as nearly 25-35% of the incoming emails does not go through and return to the sender with this notice.

We did some testing and found out that when users send us emails this does not work, but I can send them emails. If they hit reply on my email it will go through properly and work with no problems most of the times.

I am on Exchange 2003 with Windows 2003 server on an IBM Netfinity 5500 server.
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  How many exchange servers do you have ? Are there are any front ends ?
  Is that exchange server a domain controller ?
  If it's not try to go to that server object properties in ESM and see in Directory Access if you have a valid GC.

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Is your recipient policy setup correctly?
DNS and SMTP working normailly?

What has been the latest change?

Last time it was rebooted?

matanguayAuthor Commented:
I only have one exchange server

here is my servers setup :

1. IBM Netfinity 5500 running W2003 server std
1.1 Exchange server 2003 installed and running on this machine
1.2 Backup domain controller also running on this machine

2. IBM Netfinity 5500 running w2003 server std
2.1 Primary domain controller installed and running
2.2 Primary DNS server
2.3 File server

3. IBM Netfinity 5000 running w2003 server std
3.1 Backup domain controller installed and running
3.2 Backup DNS server installed and running
3.3 Printer server

4. ... other app servers, not releavant

My recipient policy setup is standard and working properly
DNS and STMP working fine also

I rebooted it last week wednesday and I will perform and offline backup, then install Exchange 2003 SP1 tonight and will reboot it afterwards. Will see what happens.

Latest change is way back when installing a new server in the group (june 2004)

Thanks !
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