Can Access One Remote Desktop Behind Router, But Not Another ... Please Help.

Situation is this:
We have a managed Cisco router which connects 10 local computers. We have to call out ISP to change router settings like port forwarding. I'll tell you all that we have bugged them plenty about it and they assure us that the router is configured correctly.

Our local network runs fine, with no problems with filesharing or other access.

We are trying to set up Remote Desktop so that we can log into our respective machines from home.

So far, we have had the Router guys set up so that  public_ip_address:3390 is forwarded to local_machine1:3389.
This worked great, right away. We can use Remote Desktop from anywhere to connect to that machine via public_ip_address:3390.

For the next machine we had them forward public_ip_address:3391 to local_machine2:3391 and switched the RD listening port in the registry to 3391. We also confirmed that the computer was listening to 3391 by using the netstat -a command. We can connect to remote desktop on this second machine using the local ip address and port local_ip:3391, but are unable to connect to it using the public ip address.

We even tried to configure it identically to the machine that worked, switching ports and such, but this did not work either.
We tried setting up a third machine as well to no avail.

All machines are running XP pro with SP2. Windows firewall is disabled and we use Norton's firewall, but we have also shut down Norton's firewall while testing all of this.

Does anyone have any idea why we are unable to connect to any machines other than the one? We seem to have tried everything at this point and would love any inside on the matter.

Thank you,
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I have a similar situation at my current client - I setup all the client IPs so they were similar -

however, I had the ISP setup the router as such: --> --> --> -->

This works great.  No registry settings to change, and the port is easy to remember - 4+last part of workstation IP.

I'd suggest you demand a list of all mappings from your ISP so you know exactly what is going where.
EdeneyeAuthor Commented:
That is what I had originally requested from the ISP for forwarding, but they said they could not forward multiple ports to the same 3389 on the client machines, which left us with editing the listening ports on some.

Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
That's simple NAT - that doesn't make sense - I'd contact them again - perhaps the guy helping you wasn't that knowledgable.  Who's the ISP?
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EdeneyeAuthor Commented:
ISP is meganet, and I have bothered him quite a bit knowing that it is not a terribly hard process.
It sounds like a problem with them, I know, and this is what I stil believe.
The thing is, it works on the one machine, forwarding port 3390 (from public ip) to 3389 on a local machine, and they are "sure" the settings are correct after repeated calls. They have repeatedly confirmed that the second machine is configured exactly the same with only the ports and local machine ip being changed.

Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Is this the company:

I'll e-mail them a "pre sales" question and see what I get (just confirm it's them before I email them).
EdeneyeAuthor Commented:
They are

Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
E-mailed them.  We'll see if and when they reply.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Here's the reply - I'd shove this in their face and tell them to do it.  (Assuming you have the equipment they mentioned.

(If I mis-stated anything and this scenario wouldn't seemingly apply to you, please let me know).

With our T1 solution we do provide the cisco router, configuration and management.
There would be no problem setting up those mappings for you or adding more.
Please provide your contact info so we can further discuss our T1 options.
Paul Joncas

      -----Original Message-----
      Sent: Tue 11/2/2004 5:12 PM
      To: Meganet Communications
      Subject: Information Request Form

      Name: Lee
      Company: Independent
      Telephone: unlisted
      I have a client in NYC who is planning on moving to Mass. a few miles east of Providence and they will be looking for a NEW ISP.  An associate suggested contacting you and so I am.  I do need to confirm though, that if you managed our router connection, would it be possible to map out ports to internal IP addresses.  For example:
    --> --> --> -->
      Can you do this?

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EdeneyeAuthor Commented:
We're still working on this problem ... thanks for your research leew.
I will let you know if we get it resolved.

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