Pre-Ghost Security Process

I need to copy my Hard Drive to a new appears the old is "bad" according to mfg.  There have been issues on the old HD that appeared to be from a  Virus or other pest.  Since I intend to use Norton Ghost to copy the HD, I wish to make sure there is no Pest or Virus in residence on the old HD.  I have researcrd and found pest/virus deletion answer #s Q-21168160 and Q-21159548 on Experts-Exchange.  

Both answeres are excellent...can anyone comment whether these are the most complete processes to eliminate all pests and Viruses prior to copying my HD?  Anyone have aditional suggestions?

Also, is anyone aware of a better Software than Norton Ghost to make a duplicate Hard drive?  I am not enchanted with Symantec but Ghost seems to be the most Highly recommended. Thank You

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Well In my long experience I have always woked with Northon Ghost and never had problems with it ... but just be sure that you have the most rescent updated version ... "just in case" case :))

And this is by my opinnion the bast way to clean up the pests from your computer ...

Hope my opinion counts ...

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If you drive is dying...I would back it up IMMEDIATELY...then worry about the virus removal AFTER the restore!
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