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 I am creating an xml document using DOM implementation by Xerces in java . I would like to validate each element using the pre-defined xml schema when its(xml file) created rather than validate the whole file at a time. Basically the idea is to get rid of the invalid xml elements (may get due to database errors) at the time of creating xml file itself. I know to set the validation features on the domparser to validate the whole file but need to know how can I validate element by element i.e on the fly. Can anyone help me with a snippet of the code to do this....

Thanks in advance !!!

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Whoa, know almost nothing of this, but its interesting.
My limited knowledge of XML Parses tell me to ask you if you have considered
DTD's although i dont know how they work I know they are used to check
XML tags and invalidate the ones that dont match up to the DTD syntax.

If you like, i could do some research later on at lunch time and help you out.

But maybe you are too far an expert and already know DTDs, which, if you are I ask you
to share the details here, so I can learn some :D

Thanks in advance.
see www.cafeconleche.org....

there you find a book to download: javaandxml i think it was chapter 9!

good luck

to celdric:

DTD just lets you check if a tag is present, madatory or optinal, but lets you not validate it´s value, therefore you use shemas...

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Interesting, im gonna check the link too :D
Regards mighty!
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