Getting which row a user clicked

How do I capture the value of the fields in the row that the user clicks. All my attempts using javascript & JSP give me the same row no matter which one is actually clicked.

Sample code:


function getRowValues( itemClicked )
     // the nodes are used to trace back to row clicked on.
     var grandparent = menuitemClicked.parentNode.parentNode.parentNode.parentNode;
     var rowNode = null;

     // Loop through all the columns in this row to get column values
     for( var intIndex = 0; intIndex < grandparent.childNodes.length; intIndex++ )
        rowNode = grandparent.childNodes[ intIndex ];
        switch ({
            case "fndSymColumn": getFieldValue(rowNode, "hdnFundNumber"); break;

function getFieldValue( rowNode, strField ){
    var hdnNode;
    var hdnValue;

    // Loop through all attributes of the column to get value
    for( var x = 0; x < rowNode.attributes.length; x++ ) {
        if( rowNode.attributes[x].nodeName.toLowerCase() == 'datafld' ) {
           hdnNode = document.getElementById(strField);
           hdnValue = rowNode.attributes[x].nodeValue;
           hdnNode.setAttribute("value", hdnValue);
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Can you post a working example of your problem?  With the HTML you are using?
jkawahAuthor Commented:
I could only give a screen shot to properly illustrate, but I don't know if I'm permitted to do that in this forum. The html goes something like this:

for (int i=rowStarting;i<rowEnding;i++)
        // Display rows of account assets
        count               = count + 1;
        fundSymbol          = acVO.getFundAt(i);

        <tr id="fundInfoRow" class="container1" onmouseover=";" onmouseout=";">
          <td class="fundlist0" onclick="ledgerGo('<%=fundSymbol%>');">
            <b><%=fundSymbol%></b><span class="note">fundSymbol</span><br/>            
          <td id="oltColumn" style="text-align:center;">
            <button id="oltButton" type="button" onMouseover="showmenu(event,linkset[0])"
                onMouseout="delayhidemenu()" class="buttonStyle">
            <div id="popmenu" class="menuskin"
        <tr class="container1" >
              <td class="fundlist0" colspan="9" style="text-align:center;">
                  <form name="transForm" action="<tmpl:prepurl" method="post">
                        <input type="hidden" name="hdnAcctNumber"       value='<%=hdnAcctNumber%>'/>
                      <input type="hidden" name="hdnIndex"            value='<%=i%>'/>
                        <input type="hidden" name="hdnTranType"         />
It seems u always have the same form ("transForm") with the same field names ("hdnAcctNumber", "hdnIndex"...)
No matter which column u choose...

>                 <form name="transForm" action="<tmpl:prepurl" method="post">
>                      <input type="hidden" name="hdnAcctNumber"       value='<%=hdnAcctNumber%>'/>
>                     <input type="hidden" name="hdnIndex"            value='<%=i%>'/>
>                      <input type="hidden" name="hdnTranType"         />
>                </form>

How about use "multibox" and give each field different names:

I am using Struts... My idea is sth like this: Give each field different names in a single "ActionForm"
Then use multibox to get which column the user clicks and retrive the specific field name from the form...
(if u don need multiple options than skip the "multibox" thing)

      <html:form action="/xxx/xxx">
        <c:forEach var="i" begin="rowStarting" end="rowEnding">
            <td><html:multibox property="selectedItems" value="${i}"/></td>
            <td><html:hidden property="hdnAcctNumber${i}" value="${hdnAcctNumber}"/></td>

Sorry that I can only explain it in my own way, but hope the idea helps  :)

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jkawahAuthor Commented:
George. Sorry for the late response. I had to find the solution using a workaround. If anyone is interested, I can explain, but it's a bit too detailed. I am not using struts. I will accept your answer so the question gets closed.
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