preg_replace_all problem

I am basically opening a .tpl file and replaceing the tag's which look like this:
{movies 30}
in the above example "movies" is key and 30 is the value

the problem that I am having is if I have 2 tags that are movies
30 movies: {movies 30}
more movies: {movies 60}

I am getting a double dim array instead of a single one...

heres the code i am using..

$content = join("",file("test.tpl"));  // check template.tpl path

foreach ($categories as $value)
        $pattern = "/{".$value." ([0-9_]+)?}/";

foreach ($matches as $key =>$value)
      $q = "select client from t_members where category_number='".$res[0][0]."' limit ".$value[1][0]."\n";

      echo $q."<br><br>";

       $content = str_replace($matches[$index][0],$value,$content);
      $value ="";
echo "<br>".$content;


*** end code ***

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preg_match_all returns a multidimensional array, so you also have to loop over that array like this:

foreach ($categories as $value) {
    $pattern = "/{".$value." ([0-9_]+)?}/";

foreach ($matches as $key =>$value) {
    foreach($value[0] as $i => $v) {
        if (empty($v)) {
        $q = "select client from t_members where category_number='".$res[1][0]."' limit ".str_replace('_', ',', $res[1][1])."\n";
        $content = str_replace($value[0][$i],$q,$content);
echo "<br>".$content;


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mag1c1anAuthor Commented:
Hi Hernst42,
Its not working.....can you look at this question as the whole script is written there:

and this question and that one is related....if you can solve it i'll give you the points for both of then...

mag1c1anAuthor Commented:
This is my template file:

And here are some cartoons:<br>
{2 3}
Or if  you prefer full movies:
<br><b>{1 15} </b>
Third and final one:
<br><i>{3 3} </i>
<b>And here come the links 1-15</b>
<br>{textlinks 0_15}

<b>And here come the links 15-30</b>
<br>{textlinks 16_30}

and when i say its not working is because its ignoring
{2 3}  and {3 3}

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