cannot save my cisco running config to memory/startup config

Every time I power up my cisco 1721 router it goes into the system config dialog and prompts to enter the initial configuration dialog.
I try to copy running-conf startup-conf and it succeeds. I can then show startup-config and it shows the settings that I've configured. However I then reload the router and it's lost the settings.
Why is this?
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Can you send the commands what you have issued to copy running-config to startup-config.

 I think there must be some mistake..check it out.
Your configuration register may not be set correctly and the router may be ignoring the configuration in NVRAM (startup-configuration).  Can you post a "show version" to verify.
Agree with these experts. Your router simply has the incorrect config register that tells therouter to ignore the startup config..
If your "show ver" shows something like "config register 0x2104" or anything other than "0x2102" then you need to change it.
From the router:
router#config t
router(config)#config register 0x2102


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Yeah I had the same thing happen to me

And it is because of the config register, but the above command did not work for me.

I used:

config-register 0x2102

and it worked
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