Organizing contacts - Contact Management?

I'm looking to increase my organization of contacts and I'm having trouble finding some software that will do that.

I currently use a basic version of TASKS ( and I love how it works. But I need a program that will track all of my contacts. I need to separate my contacts at times based upon "contact type" (Manufacturing, Sales, Distributor, etc) so I'll need to be able to run reports and export info.

I can write this program, but if there is already something out there then I'd be interested in it. The only catch is that it has to be web based. My entire office is virtual, having 5 employees all working from their homes. I've looked online at and found nothing that really came close to what I needed. I really need the functionality to separate my contacts depending on what type of contact they are.

Does anyone know of any good contact software? I seemed to have looked high and low.

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zac_charlesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
im thinking it would be best to write this for yourself, that way it does exactly what you need it to do and the enviroment and controls will be easy to use because they are designed by you. This would be a relativly easy task and well worth it.

/ Zac Charles
g9supportAuthor Commented:
THats what i' was thinking as well. I'll leave this question open for al ittle while longer just to see if anyone has any input.
sounds good :)
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