ORA-1654: unable to extend index SAP_U1 by 130 in tablespace IDXTB


In error message

ORA-1654: unable to extend index SAP_U1 by 130 in tablespace IDXTB,

what does 130 means here, 130 bytes?

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are you using oracle 8i?

this is an out of space error- the system cannot get more extents for your index.
- check your temp tablespace using v$tempspace.maybe temp tablespace not big enough.you may need to increase it
- you may also want to check the size of your tablespace and increase this also
- check your system tablespace, and you may need to increase this also. if system tablespace is insufficient even if the object's tblespace is ok, will still not work.
- check MAX_EXTENTS or MAXEXTENTS (I think this depends on your version of oracle). This is the set maximum number of extents. you can change this parameter associated with your object.

hope that helps : )


130 is the number of blocks that Oracle is missing to extend your tablespace IDXTB.
Nothing to do with bytes. You may wish to extend your tablespace like this by adding for example a datafile:


Plse, see your doc for syntax specifics.

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ebi168Author Commented:
Thanks for the information. One more question is that during data loading, oracle looks for one extent, then another,..., when it comes to the point it couldn't find another extent, it fails. By then it calculate and get that 130 blocks are missing. It is not like at the beginning of loading, it knows the problem and hauls. Am I right?
ebi168Author Commented:
In this case, are those data fit into the storage loaded into the table?
Hi ebi168,
If i understand you correctly, you think Oracle despite the lack of space will
store the data in the available space and report an error with regard to the missing blocks. I'm afraid it doesn't work that way. I am confident Oracle will not add _any_ data in the table if space requirements are not met.

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