Drag/Drop File onto Form field to get file path

Is there a way to drag and drop a file from the Microsoft File Explorer onto some sort of Access form field such that the corresponding table field will end up containing the full path to that file?

I'm creating a simple Access application that keeps track of meeting minutes.  I would like to include links to all documents that are presented at each meeting.

In the past I have required users to place all of the documents in a single directory and then used VBA to read the files in the directory and set the corresponding field values.

But in this case the documents are all over the place and it would be easier to just have the user drag-and-drop the file icon onto some form object to get the path.

Is this easy?  Difficult?  Impossible?
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There are no inbuilt DragDrop event for controls in Access, but this might get you out of trouble if you feel like doing a bit more research


An alternative would be to use common dialog or similar to allow users to browse for files.

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this might do what you want

dastrwAuthor Commented:
Thanks for these links.  Neither of these is exactly what I was looking for, but I will tuck them away for possible future use.

Right now I'm thinking about going with the standard file explorer interface that I have incorporated into Access forms before.
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