Run multiple instances of a dedicated game server on 1 machine

The game in question is Deer Hunter 2005

I cannot seem to run 2 instances of the Deer Hunter 2005 dedicated server on the same machine.

I assume the problem is that there is no way to specify what port you want the game to run on.  Apparently the developers havent added this functionality in, (or at least have not documented it)

has anyone had any experience with this game in particular?  And if not, is there any way to force the game to run via a different port via command line?

I can provide the documentation if needed.

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Are you running this on a windows machine?  If you are then you cannot do this.

You need to run the server on a multi tasking machine such as Linux/Unix

Hope this helps

You could try setting up a second instance of windows using windows virtual PC from MS.  Install the os and then the game and run the server both on your system and the virtual pc system.
have you read the "Dedicated Server Help.txt"?
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that apparently has a load of information about port settings and command line nonsence you need
grizumAuthor Commented:
yeah i read the Dedicated Server Help.txt

did i miss something?

>>> Dedicated-server, launching from a command-line or batch file (BAT):

  It is possible to launch a dedicated-server without initializing the game itself (without graphics and
  sounds). It allows you to launch a server in a network server computer more easily, like adding a command
  to the machine's start up configuration.
  Please take a look at the "RunDedicated.bat" file (send it to the Notepad) to get an example of how to
  launch a dedicated-server using a BAT file.
  When a dedicated-server is launched by this method, it will not start up graphics and sounds of the
  game. The initial loading process is silent and takes some seconds to the server be online.
  One important point is DirectX still required in the machine. The game doesn't start graphics and sounds
  but it uses the DirectPlay API to deal with network stuff.
  This game uses the TCP/IP port number 23458 to communicate, so if you want to configure your firewall
  to host a match you can allow this port number.

>>> Available parameters:

  When building the command-line, you can use these instructions to launch the game:

    -Dedicated_Server:{TRUE or FALSE}
      Use this value to set your server to be dedicated or not.
    -Location:{location name, part of the name or filename}
      This command specifies the location to start playing the game.
    -Season:{PRE-HUT, RUT or POST-RUT}
      Use this command to set the desired season to hunt.
    -View_Distance:{number from 0 to 100}
      This value will set the view-distance of the locations this server is hosting.
    -Tree_Density:{number from 0 to 100}
      This value will set the tree-density of the locations this server is hosting.
    -Difficulty:{EASY, NORMAL or EXPERT}
      This command specifies the selected gameplay difficulty of this server.
    -Weather:{number from 0 to 100}
      Use this parameter to specify the weather amount of the locations of this server.
    -Time_Multiplier:{number from 1 to 25}
      Use this value to set how many "real minutes" one "game minute" will represent.
    -First_Day_Hour:{number from 6 to 17}
      You can set the starting hour of the game by specifying the hour in this parameter.
    -Server_Name:{name of your server}
      Fill this parameter with the name of your server.
    -Message_of_the_Day:{message of the day text}
      This parameter sets the message-of-the-day of your server.
    -Password:{password to enter this server}
      To restrict the access, use this parameter to set the required password to enter your server.
      Set the game type your game server using this parameter.
    -Max_Players:{number from 1 to 32}
      This value defines the maximum number of players can be connected at the same time in your same.
    -Random_Maps:{TRUE or FALSE}
      Use this parameter to let the server automaticaly change the next map will be played.
    -Time_Limit:{number from 0 to 1000, and 0 means no time-limit}
      Use a number to have a specified time-limit in minutes, or zero to use the end of day as time-limit.
    -Show_Hunters_in_GPS:{TRUE or FALSE}
      This command allows or not hunters to see each other on the GPS map.
    -Publish_in_Gamespy:{TRUE or FALSE}
      Use this to let people on the internet connect to your server. Your server will appear at GameSpy.
    -Auto_kick_People_Shooters:{TRUE or FALSE}
      Set this value to automaticaly kick a hunter that shoots other hunter.
    -Allow_Voting:{TRUE or FALSE}
      This command will let or not players to open voting in your server.
    -Disabled_Items:{list of item categories, separated by comma}
      Use this parameter to disable some item catagories in your server. The categories are:
        Rifles, Muzzleloaders, Shotguns, Handguns, Bows, Crossbows, Scopes, GPS, Concealment, Horse, ATV,
          Scents, Calls, Electronic_calls, Food, Attractant, Thermal_vision, Cameras
A lot of games have a standalone dedicated server, but this will obvioulsy use a certain port number on your machine on it's own.  You can only run one instance of this server on a windows machine but with the Unix versions you can run and configure port forwarding on many copies of it.  

By the way you need a lot of bandwidth just for one instance of a dedicated server, not your download speed your upload speed.  So running many versions on a windows machine unless you had a lot of burstable bandwidth would be pointless.

You should read up on game bandwidth requirements.  Heres a link for running the game from commannd line batch file

Read the last comment, also do a search on google for Deer hunter 2005 dedicated server.


grizumAuthor Commented:
I'm aware of the hardware requirements.  I got a dual Xeon 2.8. with a 100mbps uplink.  Plenty to run several DH servers.

The problem is with directx I believe.  Here is the error from the game.log:

Hosting a dedicated server multi-player match at "Oregon"...
SERVER: Server network ready...
[ERROR] Could not init CNetServer DirectPlay media!
[ERROR] >>> Could not start a multi-player match!!!

This happens while running another DH server as another user.

Those comments on the link you pasted above are for the CLIENT.  I've done a lot of searching on google, atari forums, southlogic's site etc..

I think I'm stuck into waiting for a patch from the manufacture.. or I'm just SOL.

You could instiall multiple instances of windows through some VM software

then route the game port from each virtual machine to a different port...

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It would waste a shed load of resouces loading windows twice but it would let you run 2 servers which think they're on the same port but the VM on one could map the ports differently
If the game allows being run in multiple instances, you could try using FireDaemon Pro to run the dedicated server as a  Windows Service - although this seems to be more a reliability fix rather than a multiple instance fix.  Does Deer Hunter 2005 offer a support forum?
grizumAuthor Commented:
got it working with Virtual PC
wicked :D how easy is it to manipulate the ports through the VM?
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