problem with a dell dimension 4300s, desktop model

hi all, i have a small problem with a dell and i'm coming here for some suggestions. a friend of
mine brought me this computer and his main complaint was it started to run really, really slow.
so i looked at it and he was correct, it takes a long, long time for it to boot to the xp desktop. so
i guessed he probably downloaded a virus and i started to do a fresh install of xp. during the format
and reinstallation of the xp files, i noticed the formatting took a little longer than usual and the
installation of the xp files take forever. here are some of the steps i've taken to diagnose this problem:

1. reseat the sdram
2. reseat the video card
3. reseat the cpu
4. replaced ide cables
5. used a spare hard drive to diagnose a possible defective original
6. used spare memory to try and diagnose possible defective memory
7. used spare cpu to try and diagnose possible defective cpu
8. used spare video card to try and diagnose possible defective video card.
9. reflashed the A04 bios to the A06 bios

after i've tried all the above, there is no improvement. has anyone ever run across a similar problem
with any other computer?
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make sure the system is not running in "compatibility mode" this by entering system setup (cmos/bios), go to CPU Information, press enter, make sure the "CPU speed" is set to normal and not to "compatible"...this could very well be the problem.  If this doesn't do it, you should consider running dell diagnostics by booting to the "Dell Dimension resource CD".
good luck and keep us posted,

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pnawangAuthor Commented:
hi jeff,

that was it !! i can't believe i missed that one. thank you thank you thank you. :-)
no problem, glad I could be of assistance
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