Visual Basic ToolBar Buttons

hello experts. please tell me what is the difference between tbrplaceholder and  tbrdropdown styles of buttons used in toolbar.  please provide me a sample code which uses both of these.
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tbrplaceholder is just that - a place holder. It is the size of a button, but not a button. It is used for spacing.

tbrdropdown is a drop down item, like a menu drop down. You can add items to it like this:
  Dim b As ButtonMenu
  Set b = myToolBar.Buttons("buttonName").ButtonMenus.Add(,, "Your Text")

Good luck.
anuraggupta1Author Commented:
Thanks bingie feedback !!

>> tbrplaceholder is just that - a place holder. It is the size of a button, but not a button. It is used for spacing

then why is there tbrseperator. becuase there deoes not seem much difference between tbrseperator and tbrplaceholder.

Can you please provide me an example (like in MS Word or IE etc)  or sample code where these have been used.
thanks again.
The placeholder is just a little gap inbetween two buttons
      --> (open up your IE or word and look for a | inbetween two buttons)

The drowndown list is a button with a little arrow next to it that roll open for other options.
      --> (open up your IE and look at the back and forward button.. that's an example of a dropdown button)


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tbrplaceholder is not just a space between two buttons, its used to place combo boxes and other stuff in toolbars. u can increase the button width, set it to a place holder and place a combo box there.

since the previous comments describe drop down i assume that u know them



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