How can I enable the auto-complete feature with the TAB key?

How can I enable the auto-complete feature with the TAB key?
Does this depend on the shell?
I use Korn or C shell.
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ksh and C shell does NOT have such feature!

ksh can complete pathnames with a little bit more complicated sequence.

set -o vi        # set ksh input editor = vi
you can put this statement in your .profile file to get it automatically executed

type a partial pathname
press <esc> to go in command mode
press =   to get a list of pathnames that complete your partial pathname OR
press *    to expand your partial pathname to the complete list of completing pathnames

and you can do "vi" style commandline search for command history.

IF you want TAB completion, use tcsh shell.


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tcsh --- YUCK !!!!!!!

Use bash .... Much better shell ... IMHO ;)
The bash shell gives you the tab-key auto-complete feature, and another selling point is that it is commonly used on Linux systems, which means that many people have experience of using it.

"bash" was shipped as part of Solaris from Solaris 8 onwards.

To switch to bash immediately, type "bash" (and "exit" to go back to your normal shell)

To switch to bash permanently, you need to change your default shell - "usermod -s /bin/bash <username>"

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You forgot <esc>\
for ksh filename completion.

Good point  Tintin, thanks!
iamjhkangAuthor Commented:
in ksh,
typing some letters and typing twice "esc" makes auto-completion.

to do that how can I set configuration?
after you typing something, type <Esc> once and then follow by a \ key.
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