using pattern for xml

hi all

i'm a beginner in java..

i want to create a pattern for the following xml:

the content of PartQuantity can be any number (no limitation, but have to be numbers)

currently i use the below codes

String ptn = "(\\p{Punct}PartQuantity\\p{Punct})([\\.0-9])(\\p{Punct}\\/PartQuantity\\p{Punct})";
Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile(ptn);
Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher("<PartQuantity>4000</PartQuantity>");

but the matcher.find() always return me false..

I also have tried some other patterns like:
String ptn = "(<PartQuantity>)([\\.0-9])(<\\p{Punct}+PartQuantity>)";

but still return the same result..

can anybody suggest the correct pattern for the above xml?

thanks :)
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Seems like you forgot a + after the numbers, and to make it completely decimal:

Try this:

                String s = "<PartQuantity>4000</PartQuantity>";
                Pattern p = Pattern.compile("<PartQuantity>(\\d+\\.?\\d*)</PartQuantity>");

                Matcher m = p.matcher(s);
                if (m.matches()) {
                        float f = Float.parseFloat(;
                        System.out.println("f = " + f);


If you dont want a floating point, you can change the pattern from


to just


and use an

int i = Integer.parseInt(;

instead of whats there :)


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pipinana02Author Commented:
hi aviadbd

thanks a lot for ur help hehehe :)

btw can i ask u something:

when should we use "?" or "*"   ? coz i'm a bit confused on how to differentiate them..

also what is wrong with  "([\\.0-9])" instead of "(\\d+\\.?\\d*)" ? why the first one cannot work?

thanks :)
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Well, to know ALL there is to know about patterns, you can check

About the ? and + specifically:

If you want to check that an identifier occurs only once if any, you should use ?. + is for once or more. * is for none or more.

So, checking for [\\.0-9]+ would also acknoledge as a number. However, when you check if a dot occurs only zero or one times (with the ?) and then check for more numbers (the floating point numbers), its more accurate. :)

pipinana02Author Commented:
hi aviadbd..

ou okieee.. thanks a lot for ur help and explanation :)

No problem :)
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