Connect to shared folder on Windows from Mac

I have shared a drive on a Windows XP (SP2) PRo machine, and want to connect to it from a Mac OS X machine.  How to?
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On the Mac Finder Menu, select Go->"Connect to Server".
In the server address field, type "smb://winxpname", where winxpname is the network
name of the Windows XP computer (or its IP address).  If you have Mac OS X 10.3.x,
you could also select the "Browse" button at the bottom of the panel to look for Windows
and Mac OS computers on the local network.

1) be sure to know the 'name' (and PW) of an account on the XP machine.
2) be sure windows firewall (SP2) or ICF are off at first (then on, but with Exceptions once you get things working)
3) be sure your OS x firewall isn't in the way!

I've also had "smb://" issues that get magically fixed when I use "CIFS://" as the latter is newer it seems.

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queiraAuthor Commented:
sure.  and if you find the OS X firewall lacking, but don't want to carry around an IPTABLES manual, look up "brickhouse" firewall at it's a rules-based/ACL visual firewall that is interface specific, and switchable 'on/off' for troubleshooting.  highly recommended.

and be sure to get SP2 for XP that firewall ('windows firewall' vs. 'internet connection firewall') is also easier to use as it allows users to specify apps for usage (without having to know the ports, per se)
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