Resolving Netbios (not FQDN) addresses for MAC intranet browsing

We have a (mostly) Windows 2000 network that includes about a half dozen MACs that are used for design purposes. Our network contains an intranet server. The server is listed in DNS with the netbios names, not full domain name. Example: server1,NOT The internal domain name we use for active directory logon etc, is already in use on the intranet, so we do not have our servers/intranet set up to be accessed by FQDN.

The issue is this:  None of the MACs on our network seem capable of surfing via web browser to these NetBios names. Typing in http://server1  (which works on PCs) always results in our Safari and IE browsers attempting to connect to The web browsers seem pre-configured to try and fill in the FQDN rather than just take the name entered, and go to our DNS servers to resolve.

Any ideas around this would be HUGE. Right now, we just make MAC users use IP addresses, but would really like them to not have to do this so we can use host headers on our intranet site and have several sites set up on 1 IP.

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Ive never actually done so but you should be able to run the name daemon that comes with samba to do name resolution. Also is your mac authenticated to active directory?
If not it might help in utilities choose directory access highlight active directory and click configure then enter all your ad details. Youll need admin access to the network so speak to a friendly tech and get him to put his details in to create you a copmuter account.

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I believe you need to install DAVE by Thursby Systems on all Mac clients to enable NETBIOS name resolution. It also comes with loads of useful cross-netwotking features and enhancements you may need, but at a price.
Or, you may need to look for your mac browser's feature to append suffix to short server names.
So, it would in effect, turn the names in FQDN.
>  The server is listed in DNS with the netbios names, not full domain name.

Then you should have a domain in this DNS .local or something. Check if this domain is enterd in the network-settings.
I would add an A record (alias) on the dns server to say server1 goes to ip.ip.ip.ip
To add on to andyoww's answer, perhaps you could add A records for each server, so that both server1 and resolve to the correct IP?  That way, your PCs can continue accessing the servers at "server1" and your macs could just access it at "".  Not perfect, but better than IP addresses, and your PCs would not have to change the way they work.
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