Win32 Error. Code 1400. Invalid Window Handle

Hi there

We have an application built in Borland C++ Builder which runs fine, except that on Windows XP sometimes produces a series of error messages:
"Win32 Error. Code 1400. Invalid Window Handle" when the machine goes into standby or hibernation or when the screen saver starts up.
The machine will very rapidly produce hundreds of these errors.
I have not been able to trap these errors, and would appreciate any clues that would narrow down what type of event might be triggering this kind of exception.

Thank you
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Shane Russell2nd Line Desktop SupportCommented:
I have only done a little bit of borland c++ and more of vb 6, it sounds like you are using borland c++ to find a windows handle and some where in your coding it  is coming up with the wrong id for a windows handle and you would need to either do some exception handling to trap these errors, use flags to identify each handle and maybe a resume next loop so that anything that works will work and the handles that are invalid it ignores and carrys on going to the next handle. has a tutorial and maybe that will give you some idea.

hopefully someone who is more knowledgeable in Borland C++ will reply and give you a more definitive answer then I have.

Maybe you can research on google on the things I have mentioned.

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