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 I am trying to setup a PHP debugger on my Apache Linux Server. The client runs from Windows. It appears that the server is configured correctly except it does not listen on the Debugger Port. Is there something else I need to do? Below is the snippet from PHPINFO:

DBG php debugger, version 2.11.30, Copyright 2001, 2004, Dmitri Dmitrienko,

Version       2.11.30
Linked       as a shared library.
Profiler       compiled, enabled

Directive      Local Value      Master Value
debugger.enable_session_cookie      On      On
debugger.enabled      On      On
debugger.fail_silently      On      On
debugger.ignore_nops      Off      Off
debugger.JIT_enabled      Off      Off
debugger.JIT_host      clienthost      clienthost
debugger.JIT_level      3      3
debugger.JIT_port      7869      7869
debugger.profiler_enabled      On      On
debugger.session_nocache      On      On
debugger.timeout_seconds      300      300

Any ideas?
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Is there a portion that runs on the server that gives out information through port 7869, or does this entirely run on the client?

If there is a server portion, Is port 7869 configured in /etc/services?
bobbyoAuthor Commented:
Okay, I have been fiddling and got this far:

I have setup the client to server connection with SSH

ssh -R 7869:localhost:7869 username@server

This works find. Sets up the port listening on the server

When I run the test:

telnet localhost 7869

The dbg listener on my workstation bombs out with "Wrong client"
bobbyoAuthor Commented:
I have got it working. I had the wrong version of the file on the linux server.

Please close.
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