Best dpi value

hi all,

i want to scan photoes from negatives for making a VCD movie, which can be played in a normal VCD player and watch through TV.

kundly assist me the best dpi value to scan photoes.

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Hi there....

I read some posts and I was confused whether you'll decide on quality over quantity, what i mean is
the greater the dpi the good quality of pictures you will get, but they also said that having high dpi doesn't mean
good pictures...anyway...just some of them....=)

Anyway maybe this site can help you deciding on what dpi will you set in your scanner.

A VCD movie will have 640x480 resolution at best.  Scan your photos to produce at least that resolution in the end product.
If you have a good photo editing program, the best thing to get the highest quality is to lookup the specs for your scanner, and find where it says OPTICAL RESOLUTION, and scan at that dpi. If you scan at higher dpi, the scanner is scanning 'above' its resolution (i.e. 'guessing' what color some pixels should be by interpolation), and you gain no quality by scanning at dpi's above this. Once you have the image scanned at the highest OPTICAL resolution, a good program like photoshop can be used to change the image size, and will probably do a better job at interpolating than your scanner does.

If you want vcd you must use the standard vcd resolution, which is 352x288 for PAL and 352x240 for NTSC. The photo must be scanned so one of the dimension, horizonat or vertical to fit into the standard resolution. The rest of the frame must be letterboxed with black or other color. Example:

 |     |                         |    |
 |     |                         |    |
 | LB |  Original photo   |LB|
 |     |                         |    |
 |     |                         |    |

The two borders around the original photos are added to comply the standard vcd resolution since the original photo was, let's say 288x288. It's a frame by freame (photo by photo) process, but the result can be a vcd.

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