System Design and Analysis - What is this?

I am now at university. I am learing this subject. I don't understand it.

-Please tell me what are the books title that related to this subject?
-Are there any link to learn it?
-I am also receive 2 small assignments and I cannot do it...Can any one help me? (I will pay 3x points if you can help me)

Thank you.
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difficult to understand : System Design and Analysis ---- about what kind of sytems are you talking?
System design and analysis is:

Talking to the users of a manual (or computerised) system that is about to be replaced by your new system.

Finding out what NEEDS to be done.

Finding out what could be done more efficiently.

Finding out WHO needs what report, and could any other data be beneficial for them. (management LOVE reports)

Finding out what systems your new computerised system needs to communicate with - does the stock control system interact with the website? could it?

Finding out the most efficient way of producing the desirable output.

Writing the brief for the programmers to go away and make the system.

Systems Analysis and Designed- Basically it was referring to Analizing of the current system and designing would be the new systems proposed either computerized or manual.

the result of this analysis would be a guild for the implementator or programmers to create a computer systems for the new systems designed

You can compare it a architech and constraction, architech to the plan,analysis and contraction will do the building.

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Hi veayou

Systems does not necessarily mean computer systems, it can be any kind of system without computers, accounting by itself can be considered a a system or more precise an information system. A system is set in place for a purpose and objective, and the actors are those who carry out the jobs and achieve its objective, so in order to achieve the objective, there will need communication between the actors and also the need to have a process in place for it to be a system as such.

Ok, enough of that, now on to System Design and Analysis, I think it should be System Analysis and Design asn analysis phase has to go before the design phase, according to the SDLC (system development life cycle).

Before analysis can take place, you will need to collect data of the company of how they operate on a day to day basis, how they communicate with supplier and customers, who are the actors in the company, who is doing what and also what's their operational process, from a sales order to delivery, invoice and receipt, etc.... and most importantly what problems are they experience and other info about the company.

Now the analysis phase, this is where you gather all the info collected and have sorted them. In this phase you will be required to analysis the whole business process and produce a context diagram to see the whole process at a high level view. As well producing detailed process diagrams to see how everything operates. After all that is done, you should have a good idea of the business process and pickup the inefficiencies in their current system.

The design phase to use the documents that were produced in the analysis phase and build a solution for it. To overcome the problems and amek theier system more effiecient. The design phase should produce documentations like solution design, work breakdown structure, cost, time and quality required for the project to be a success, etc....

The solution design then get confirmed and signed off by the company, so they agree and happy with the new system.

The solution design documents then get passed on to the implementor to commence the implementation phase.....

and so on...
Almost any college level Systems Design text should be able answer most of your questions.  Intelligent Enterprise is a good magazine that covers many of the related topics in Systems Design and Analysis.  You are here, and received a great answer from MiniChicken.  

If it is related to a class you are taking, talk to yuor professor during office hours and explain to them that you are having some issues understanding the material.  I have found that most professors are responsive to anyone asking for help in a timely manner.  Good Luck!

I find that looking at internet links can often answer a lot of my questions.  Here are some links that I picked to show you

A.   The following link provides a good introduction to “System Analysis and Design” and even gives you an organized breakdown and further introductory information for four subcategories:
System Analysis and Design
1.      Introduction to System Analysis and Design
2.      System Description Techniques
3.      Describing Data
4.      System Development Methodologies

B.  This link seems to have a lot of content and organization, but seems to be more than an introduction:

C.  This link provides a short overview and a different perspective:

You might want to look at these links and if you have any questions then maybe I or the others can help.

We are prohibited from doing someone’s school assignments for them here at EE, but we can give you some insight and guidance, if you care to describe the assignment


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I did the same subject, we used System Analysis and Design Methods, available at, as a textbook, Clarion as Developing Tool, visit  This is a very powerful tool and makes maintenance easy.

NOTE:  Make sure that you now "WHAT" you are doing and wanting to do, the howto will seem so much clearer and easier to figure out!

Good Luck and work hard.

Thank you.
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