how to export more than one image

Anyone knows how to export more than one image to file using jsp? ( to one file or > one file )
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Can you explain what you mean by "export"?

If you mean "send to user like a download", then you could zip them up together...  Or call the same jsp multiple times so that the user gets 5 download boxes appearing...

But that's about it

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nphnhiAuthor Commented:
"Or call the same jsp multiple times so that the user gets 5 download boxes appearing..." -> that's exactly what i mean
Hmmm....tricky...  I don't think this is possible...  Not without using some sort of javascript, and even then you wouldn't be 100% sure that the downloads had started...
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can you close this question... its been more than 3 months...........
Split between TimYates (for the zip comment) and kiranhk
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