Post binary data?

Ive got to create a page which will

Accept binary data (2 jpeg images) and save it on the server.

Now I could do this with filechoosers, but they arent an option - the binary data is created in a Java Applet, and should be POSTED to the page im creating, which will save the images to disk on the server.

I don't have to worry about how the data is posted - I just neeed to grab it in this page and save it to disk - it must be done programatically (so no user interaction, filechoosers etc).

How is this done? Anything to do with HttpWebResponse?
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Hi betocarranza,

let me see if i understand the question and scenario correct:
the user uses java applet to save images to the server disk
you want to grab that images from the disk and insert them in the database ? if yes, when do you want to grab them - by default on some schedule or from the page that contains the applet ?

betocarranzaAuthor Commented:
Hi there,

Basically I can ignore the applet - I need a page which can accept 2 images (in binary form) through HTTP POST, and save this to disk. Im just not sure how to do this.

I know how to do it if I use a filechooser, creating streams etc, but how do I do this if the data is POSTED to the page?

unfortunatelly i can not think of a way of doing this ( the posting of image )
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Should be pretty simple.

1) Add the following html control to the .aspx page
<input id="ufPreview" type="file" runat="server">

2) set the enctype of the form to multipart/form-data
<form enctype="multipart/form-data" runat="server">

3) If using a codebehind add the following declaration:
Protected ufPreview as HtmlControls.htmlInputFile

4) Upload / Save the file with the following code:
Dim postFile as httpPostedFile = ufUiting.PostedFile
Dim sFileName as string = postFile.FileName.substring(postFile.FileName.lastIndexOf("\")+1)
postFile.SaveAs(String.Concat(Server.MapPath("your/location/"), sFileName))

Dim postFile as httpPostedFile = ufUiting.PostedFile
should be
Dim postFile as httpPostedFile = ufPreview .PostedFile
Volkan VardarSoftware Team LeaderCommented:
yes you can achieve this.
java applet should use
HTTP-POST and in header -> Content-Type: multipart/form-data

I never tried but I know that you can do what you want.
betocarranzaAuthor Commented:
Okay, Ive figured it out on my own -

Using Request.Files.Item(i).InputStream lets me directly grab the bytes from a posted file, which can then be converted to an image and saved to disk.

Thanks for the answers, but none of them were really what I was looking for.
I'm glad to hear that you've solved your problem. My sample also does the same. Why was it not what you wanted?

betocarranzaAuthor Commented:
Hi CJ_S,

What I was looking for was simply a page which, upon loading, would save all binary data sent to it via HTTP POST. Your solution required putting controls on the page (an html file input), which I specifically said I wasn't looking for.

Thanks for your help however,

PAQd, 250 points refunded.

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