Using crontab to run a .csh script as ROOT


I'm relatively new to linux and I'm trying to set up a cronjob which runs a .csh script at a given time each day.  The script invokes a program called 'PTA'.  I can get the script to start ok as a cronjob but it does not run to completion.  At /var/spool/mail/root I receive a message telling me that the PTAHOME variable is not set.  

The thing is that I HAVE set this variable in both the .bashrc and .cshrc files and if I run the script from the command line it executes perfectly with no mention of the PTAHOME variable.  Has anyone got any suggestions as to what might be going wrong?

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Simply set the variables in your script - cron runs with a different envirnment. So in the script which runs  PTA just do an  export PTAHOME= MYVAR (or whatever the csh equiv is).
travisbickle34Author Commented:
I have checked /etc/crontab and the cronjob is actually set to run in a the scripts in a bash shell.

However, when I include the PTAHOME definition in the cron file like this:

export PTAHOME=/paracel/paracel/pta/pta
48 11 * * * /export/home/penlims/Arragen.wrap
41 15 * * * /export/home/penlims/PipelineSummary.csh

I get this error message:

"Pipeline.cron":8: bad minute
errors in crontab file, can't install.

I think ownesleftfoot meant that you should set the variable in your *script* not in the crontab itself.

travisbickle34Author Commented:
The fact that the script will run perfectly from the command line would suggest that the script is ok though, would it not?  Also, my wrapper script does contain a precautionary PTAHOME definition, although to be honest I don't think it is used.
Nah, I didnt mean put it in the crontab - put it in the script you are trying to run. If you are using cron to run pta directly, use a script instead ie call it runpta  make it executable chmod +x runpta and make sure it contains the variables you want and the command to run your program - ie

export PTAHOME=paracel/paracel/pta/pta

then in cron you would have

48 11 *** /path-to-runpta/runpta

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