LDAP Setup on Windows 2000 Workstation

I'm developing ASP pages which will need to interact with directory details via LDAP, so I need to set up a basic LDAP service on my development machine (stand-alone workstation running Windows 2K) to test my code.
The pages are basically registration forms for a website which authenticates against LDAP so most of the operations are pretty basic: creating, reading and updating user entries.
James BendallAsked:
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you're saying the development machine isnt connected to your domain?
is it a Windows 2000 Pro or Sever.. if it is Pro u cannot install LDAP cos it needs directory services like ADO..

If it is Windows 2000 server, then yeah u can install the LDAP services from the CD..
James BendallAuthor Commented:
As above, I'm working on a single standalone workstation so no network

It's Windows 2000 Pro.

What I'm really looking for is something as lightweight as possible that I can run on my workstation.
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can u not setup a test win2k server and connect yourself to it?
LDAP is really for interacting with active directory, so even if an ldap service existed you still wouldnt have the AD backend.

you can connect to the local machine account by using "WinNT://Local1/" type adsi commands.

whether adsi and ldap connect strings are freely interchangeable is another matter.
then it is not possible to run LDAP services on your workstation... you could have it was a windows 2000 server.. as browolf said.. it would be best to setup a server box for testing..
James BendallAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the feedback - I suspected Active Directory would be a non-starter. Unfortunately I don't have the hardware to spare to set up a separate server just for this.

I was really hoping to get some form of LDAP compliant directory service (not necessarily Active Directory, perhaps OpenLDAP or similar) running on my workstation and use that - in the same way that I can run IIS or SQL Server on the workstation to simulate Client Server operations.
if you've got a decent computer and lots of memory you could run a server on Virtual PC
you can get a 45day free trial version.

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James BendallAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delay in confirming.  

In the end I went a totally different route.  It turns out Novell have a free access LDAP directory in the developers area of their website and I was able to do most of my testing against that.

However as the solutions suggested were relevant and would have worked, they're well worth an A.

Thanks to everyone for their comments.
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